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Collection: Literary Translation

Translating literary books, documents, texts, etc. makes us feel as if we had indeed written the book, that poem that takes us to another place, another decade, another point in space and time. It makes us feel powerful, crazy, It allows us to play with words and choose those we believe most accurately resemble the one contained in the original piece. It's like impersonating the writer. It's like having our moment of glory. It feels like being the writer and the translator at the same time and telling the reader what to read though by actually making use of the most accurate and precise word. It's prose, poetry, all of the elements cooked together in one single casserole and then one having to choose the best element to portray the idea of what the writer wanted to convey. We have that temporary power no translator wishes to give away!

Literary translation consists of the translation of poetry, plays, literary books, literary texts, as well as songs, rhymes, literary articles, fiction novels, novels, short stories, poems, etc. 

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